Celebrity Reward Points

You can now collect Celebrity Rewards Points. You can spend points on Black Card Lite experiences. Once you collected 50,000 points, you will be invited to become a Black Card holder.

How are points calculated?

For every £5 spent with one of our partners, you will receive 1 Celebrity Reward Point.

How do I Register?

To start collecting points, you need to register for a free Celebrity Rewards account. Once you have made your first purchase from the Luxury Shop, send proof of purchase in the Members Area and you will automatically become a Black Card Lite member. Once a Lite member, you will have access to Lite Experiences and can spend and earn points on your future purchases.  If you are a full Black Card member, you are automatically enrolled in the Celebrity Rewards scheme and for each purchase you will get x 5 points when compared to a Black Card Lite membership.

How do I collect points?

You can earn points on any purchases from our luxury shop. Please head to the shop to browse luxury products, flight and tickets. Black Card Lite members can earn points on Lite Experiences.