Celebrity Appearances


Celebrity appearances have become almost imperative for corporate entertainment. If there isn’t a celebrity, corporate entertainment appears to be ordinary or it could even be bland. Celebrity appearances truly energise the attendees. Guests are overjoyed, there is a degree of enticement and people want to be seen with the celebrities adding excitement to any event.

You can book a celebrity for a corporate event or hire a celebrity for a product launch using the network of Black Card Entertainment. We can get you Hollywood celebrities, be it actors, actresses, singers or musicians. We can get you director and writers. We can bring in legends from the world of racing, tennis, rugby and football. You can have Olympians, including cyclists, swimmers and sprinters. You may want celebrated business leaders or marketing gurus. Whoever you want for celebrity appearances at your corporate event, we can facilitate that.

We at Black Card Entertainment truly believe that celebrity corporate entertainment needs to be contextual. Either the attendees want the presence of a certain celebrity or the celebrity must have something to do with the event.

Just as you would want a celebrity DJ for a musical party or for the New Year’s bash, you would want a credible face for your product launch, you may want a celebrity chef to be present when you usher in a product or service relevant to the food and beverage industry or you may have a celebrated writer for a book launch. Celebrity corporate entertainment is more fun if it is contextual and highly relevant.


Inspirational Business Speakers


Every talent needs to be coached. Every skill needs to be honed. Every individual needs to be inspired. Without coaching or honing, inspiration or motivation, an individual will be far less likely to use his or her full potential. Millionaires and billionaires are aware of the challenges that life and business would pose from time to time. If there is one thing certain in the corporate world, then that is problem. For only problems offer the chance to resolve, the opportunity to change and evolve, to be better and wiser, to acquire more and be more prosperous. But the reality is often overwhelming and people have the urge to give up, to skirt the issues and to look for escape routes.

Business people are aware that there is no end to learning, no end to changing and the only way to survive or keep growing is to evolve. That should be your primary objective while hiring speakers for corporate events. That is what we do when we recommend inspirational speaker hire.

Black Card specialises in hiring speakers for corporate events, who may be business people or accomplished individuals with a certain forte. These speakers may have contextual business advice to share or may have inspirational speeches to motivate your employees, investors or stakeholders. Inspirational speaker hire is aimed at only one goal. To help people find direction and renewed focus and the vigour to find solutions in the face of great adversities.

We can bring in motivational speakers for corporate events, athletes who have overcome great odds, real life heroes, business leaders or spiritual leaders. Whatever is your purpose and given the nature of your corporate event, we would find a suitable inspirational speaker hire who would pave the way for one of the most amazing experiences.


Venue Hire


How you can plan your corporate event depends heavily on where you intend to host it. If you opt for a convention centre, then there are some advantages and disadvantages. It would be a well provisioned event since that is what such facilities cater to. But it would not be one of the unique experiences that you could plan. You don’t just need random venue hire. You need amazing venues for hire. That is where we come in.

Black Card specialises in unique venue hire. We can organise your corporate event at English heritage sites. You could be hosting your party at caves in Iceland. You can opt for London Tower Bridge or the facility of Cutty Sark. You can select theme parks, water parks and zoos. You can choose landmarks, historical places or sites of cultural importance. You can get to amazing filming locations. From the pristine Alps to the beaches in the Bahamas, you could be anywhere hosting your corporate entertainment and impressing your guests.

We are the world’s best venue hire. We can take your party to some of the finest wine regions of the world or you can be aboard luxury yachts sailing in Croatia, you could have exclusive private tours of prized museums or you may have a full symphony orchestra playing at a remote orchard estate. There is truly no limit to what you may want and if that place exists on earth, then it is likely we would be able to get that venue for your corporate event.

In addition to getting the best venues in the world, we can also bring in celebrities, sporting legends, iconic business leaders and world famous chefs to make your event one of the most unique experiences ever. All you ought to do is decide and Black Card will do the rest.


Olympic Athletes Q&A


Unique corporate entertainment has undergone a substantial transformation over the years. There was a time when magic shows and musicians performing at galas was amazing corporate entertainment. They are still a perennial fixture but preferences have changed considerably. Millionaires and billionaires would rather meet Olympic athletes. Corporate speaker hire is more common now. Inspiring people and celebrities with unique histories are more in demand.

Black Card Entertainment specialises in bespoke experiences. We can get Olympic athletes, gold medal winners and true champions at Rio, London and Beijing to speak at your corporate event. The athletes will talk about their careers, what fuels their passion, how they manage to keep up with the grueling demands of their profession and you can have your staff or guests draw inspiration from the daunting life the athletes have chosen for themselves and yet revel in that.

Stories of herculean struggle, overcoming the odds and emerging as a true champion are always inspirational. More importantly, the lessons learned can be easily exercised in various walks of life, especially in business. Successful people would always have precious advice to share. You can enhance the value of your unique corporate entertainment and we can help it become a truly amazing experience.

We can get celebrated athletes and sportspersons who would engage in private meet and greet, there would be Q&A, lunch or dinner, drinks and fun as well. You would have the Olympians exclusively for your event. In addition to making your event amazing and unique, the presence and speeches of revered athletes would motivate the staff in attendance you can reinvigorate your employees and move them to achieve what they find daunting. It is only by the virtue of ebbing that people can scale unprecedented heights or reach the pinnacle of any profession.


Celebrity Chef Corporate Dining


Would you want a chef for corporate event? The answer is an obvious yes. No corporate gala is complete without a chef dishing out sumptuous spreads. But would you want a celebrity chef hire for your corporate event? That is of course a proposition you cannot ignore.

Celebrity chefs are not a rarity for millionaires and billionaires. Top executives of the largest conglomerates in the world, the jet setting investors and board members of major corporations, entrepreneurs and prosperous businessmen are always wining and dining at some of the finest places on earth. But when you hire a chef for corporate event, he or she is exclusively cooking for you and your guests. That is what we call one of the unique experiences you can have at your event.
Imagine the chef of a Michelin star restaurant or a gastronomy expert cooking for your corporate event. There are experts in every cuisine, from the Japanese sushi to the classic English steak. Black Card Entertainment can get a celebrity chef hire of your choice. You can choose the menu or get a spread to choose from, you can allow the celebrity chefs to indulge in wild experiments or you may want them to stick to their most famous delicacies.

Eating and partying go hand in hand. It becomes all the more special when you get to truly indulge in some special food. Be it gourmet food or desserts you may not have tasted ever, celebrity chefs are magicians and they can serve up a dream that will leave an indelible taste in your palate.

Black Card holders can hire a chef for corporate event at normal venues, estates, resorts, yachts and any place on earth that is accessible by land, air or sea. It would be one experience you and your guests would not forget.


After Dinner Entertainment


Corporate dinners are not confined to the sumptuous spreads with unique delicacies but they are also a time to socialise, to network and to have a good time while enjoying satiating cuisines. Corporate entertainment has been redefined many times in the last hundred years. Today, it is not the pre-dinner or the simultaneous recreation that captivates the guests. It is the era of after dinner entertainment.

There are myriad types of corporate entertainment. Musicians and magicians are obviously a hot favorite. Celebrities and entertainers with unique skills are also preferred. Comedians, special shows and unprecedented skits or contextual corporate entertainment have also become very popular in recent years. There is a penchant for corporate entertainment hire than is not the mundane, bland or ordinary.

Your quest for that satiating entertainment for corporate events can be easily fulfilled with our expertise. We don’t just specialize in corporate entertainment or after dinner entertainment. We facilitate contextually relevant, bespoke or personalized and unique corporate entertainment hire. We have the ability to get the entertainers, magicians, musicians, celebrities or comedians whom you would want at your after dinner entertainment. We can organize the kind of shows or galas that you wish to impress your audience with.

Entertainment for corporate events must make the night worth remembrance. That can only happen when you get more than what you want. Our experience of catering to some of the largest conglomerates in the world, congregation of billionaires and millionaires, highly exclusive parties and massive corporate galas provide us the foundation to understand your needs, to walk the extra mile so you can get what you want and we do so seamlessly as if it were an effortless endeavor.
Give us a call and we can bring together the celebrities, entertainers, magicians, musicians or comedians you want for your corporate after dinner entertainment.


Celebrity Speakers


The best form of entertainment is one that satiates the mind. Of course rib tickling comedy is satiating. Dumbfounding magic is fascinating. Sensational music is captivating. Thrilling rides are nerve-wracking. But what provokes a thought, what questions perceptions or our understanding, what offers insights to what we were perhaps aware of already in our subconscious and what holds up a mirror to drive us to do what we should and can, is always unique and more than amazing.

Hire a celebrity speaker for an event and you would satiate the minds of your guests or whoever is in attendance. A corporate entertainment speaker doesn’t have to be from some kind of business. He or she could be from sports, music or arts. The speakers for hire are typically accomplished people. From standup comedians to actors, musicians to artists, writers to sportspersons, innovators to successful entrepreneurs, when you hire a celebrity speaker you are essentially inviting the insights that the person would bring forth.

Black Card Entertainment would understand your need, the type of event you are organising, the kind of audience you have and what purpose you are trying to accomplish. Accordingly, we would line up a few speakers for hire and you can choose as you please.

Hire a speaker for an event who would not just entertain your audience and make the engagement fun but would also offer a lesson of a lifetime. Every accomplished individual has something interesting to offer and everyone has that little room to learn more. It is never too late to learn or to impart lessons. That is what a corporate entertainment speaker will bring to your event.
Black Card Entertainment has some rare speakers for hire, those who don’t speak at any and every event, who are very picky about their audience and they are ideal for gatherings of millionaires and billionaires.


Background Musicians


Music is the most popular form of entertainment. It is not just corporate entertainment but the various musical festivals and concerts around the world, the singles and the albums of popular brands or even the mixes that disc jockeys belt out at pubs and discos all over the globe are the most entertaining draws. Nothing excites a crowd or gathering more than their favourite bands playing their favourite songs. Every generation finds its voice, every generation finds its love for music and every generation celebrates music, singers, musicians, composers and bands more than any other art form.

It is naturally imperative that you consider music as the pivotal fixture of your corporate entertainment. Your corporate entertainment agent should be able to secure the contract of the musician you want, the band or orchestra to play at your event. There are many types of corporate entertainment hire in UK. Some agents specialise in hiring celebrities, some specialise in hiring sportspersons and some are more like event management companies than catering to amazing experiences for millionaires.

Black Card Entertainment offers corporate entertainment services that are unparalleled. With our unrivalled expertise in unique entertainment for corporate events, we can plan a day, evening or night that will go down as one of the most satiating bespoke experiences millionaires would ever have.

We can get you classical bands, rock stars, pop sensations, jazz pianists, harpists, cellists, string quartets and celebrity musicians cutting across genres. We can put up a gala with musicians, singers, mixers and even background musicians and backing vocals. With our expertise in getting musicians for your corporate event, you can actually have a musical concert at your chosen venue, date and time. You can have a select group of people or a large crowd. The musicians will not just play exclusively for you but would even play songs or tracks that you want them to.


For corporate clients looking to book a celebrity for an event, just send us an email detailing your requirements and a member of our team will be happy to liaise with you throughout the entire process. Alongside offering all the normal corporate entertainment we specialise in providing one-of-a-kind celebrity experiences, and our customer service is just as unique – we care more about our customers than anyone else does.


Experience Days

Black Card Entertainment specialises in creating unique and amazing experiences with some of the world’s most popular celebrities. Our bespoke experiences for millionaires and billionaires are in huge demand across the globe. Unparalleled customer service is just one more reason why we are the perfect choice for booking the experience of a lifetime.

Corporate Entertainment

Drawing on a significant global network of some of the most-loved celebrities, we offer something truly unique and unforgettable for our corporate clients to provide to their guests. We’re delighted to be able to offer a wide range of different corporate experience days, so whatever type of event you have planned, we have the perfect entertainment for you.

Celebrity Hire

Whether you to want to team up with a celebrity to launch your next product, or if you would like to book a celebrity for a one-of-a-kind event, Black Card Entertainment can help. We offer a whole host of experiences, from hiring a celebrity chef to add a touch of class to your meal, celebrity Q&A sessions, celebrities meet and greets – the choice is yours.