F1 Drivers


Formula One is one of the most sought after and religiously followed sporting events in the year. But this by no means indicates that only recently  Formula One has risen to the height of its popularity. It was captivating global audiences even a hundred years back when it was the European Grand Prix. Formula One did not develop as a concept until the mid forties but the grand prix championships in Europe, through the 1920s and 1930s, were as thrilling as they are now. It is another matter that the technical prowess of the cars back then was far inferior to what the people drive on the streets of London today, let alone the supercars.

Formula One is a historical document of the evolution witnessed in the automobile industry, in particular the engines, the hardware, safety and overall performance. While we marvel at the races watching them from the stands or on television, being in the hot seat is a completely different experience. Many millionaires and billionaires have a wish to be in that hot seat, just to experience what it takes and how it feels to be on the fast lane, literally.

Black Card Entertainment can make this happen for you. While you can be in the dugout, cheering for your team and rooting for your favourite driver, you can start your racing experience with a Formula One driver’s Q&A. We can hire a Formula One driver for your corporate event or private party. Whether the experience is professional or personal, Black Card Entertainment will tailor the experience to you.


Actors & Actresses


Do you want to hire a Hollywood actor or actress for your next corporate event? Perhaps you would want to hire an A-list celebrity for a product launch. Perhaps you may want to meet your stars in a more personal setting? We specialise in bespoke celebrity experiences and events and our expertise are in organising amazing experiences for UHNW individuals.

The worlds of film and television are fancy but the individuals who characterise them are real. Behind those glamorous faces, the perfect physiques and figures, the charming smiles and the obvious accomplishments lays a perennial dedication to their profession. That is something all millionaires and billionaires will be able to relate to. As star actors and actresses relate to the hard work and unfailing commitment that successful businessmen and women put into their own professions, this is an auspicious meet and greet.

Black Card Entertainment provides you and your guests the opportunity to meet the Hollywood stars of your choice, dine with them or have them attend your corporate event. The event can be set up in a manner where the celebrities offer acting advice, they can talk about their careers or they may just make public appearances. They can offer career advice to your employees, endorse your brand at the time of company launches or make showstopper appearances for events.

Black Card Entertainment has been facilitating the hiring of celebrities across the globe for many years. You choose the venue, date and time and we will accommodate your every desire.


TV / Reality Stars


Celebrities are indeed the star attraction of any event. They make heads turn, the cameras go on a flashing spree, people stop dead in their tracks and there is an abrupt eruption of immense joy among those attending the event. It is not without reason why millionaires and billionaires around the world opt for celebrities or reality TV stars for hire. They are the showstoppers who can be the difference between a successful event and one of the most amazing experiences ever.

Black Card Entertainment works with reality TV stars for hire. We perennially hire soap actors and reality TV stars. We can get you stars from Made in Chelsea, Coronation Street, Eastenders, Britain’s Got Talent and X Factor among others. The list of available reality TV stars for hire is extensive enough and you would definitely get someone you would want to have at your event.

Depending on the type of event you are planning and the scope of interaction, you can have celebrities or reality stars for meet and greet sessions, they may be encouraged to talk about their careers, they can offer active advice or they may simply make public appearances, create a stir and meet your guests without engaging in public conversations. Phenomenally successful celebrities can offer career advice to your employees that will perhaps be specific to another industry than yours but the essence of struggle and achievement remains the same and is universal.

From Q&A with celebrities to exclusive private dinners, company launches to endorsing your products at a special event, we cater to all needs. Two things that lay in the way of planning the most amazing and bespoke experiences for millionaires and billionaires are your preferences and the phone call to Black Card.


Celebrity Chefs


Fine dining and exquisite wining has a distinct charm and a level of satiation that is unparalleled. Whether we talk about the finest sparkling wine or one of the remaining six bottles of wine dating back more than a hundred years, there are a few exclusivities that are beyond explicability. One of such inexplicable and bespoke experiences can be getting celebrity chefs for hire who would cook exclusively for you and your guests.

Black Card Entertainment can hire a celebrity chef for your corporate event, private party or even if you are sailing on your luxury yacht. We specialise in Michelin star chef hire who can cook for a gathering of as many as two hundred guests. We can get a private chef hire who would only cook for you and your select guests aboard your yacht.

It is difficult to club together all celebrity chefs for hire. They are all unique in their own way and that is what makes them such amazing unique experiences for millionaires. If there is one chef mastering the art and science of making Japanese sushi then there is another who has championed the Mediterranean cuisine, there are some who are experts at fusion cuisines and there are many who have unrivalled talent in specific cuisines from various cultures of the world.

The world of gastronomy is so vast and diverse that it would take almost a lifetime to taste foods from every nook and corner of the planet. When you add the innumerable personal touches that celebrity chefs for hire add to existing and new, classic and fusion recipes, then you have tens and thousands of possibilities. Why should you indulge in the same approach to lay the sumptuous spreads when you can trust the forte of a Michelin star chef for hire and sign up for a gastronomical delight?




What good is a day of hard work if you cannot laugh at the end of it? How useful is a fortune if you are not smiling? What fun is work if you don’t let go off and unwind for a while? The answer to all these questions can be multifaceted. There is truly no single answer but one will be universally agreeable. Hire a celebrity comedian.

There is no dearth of celebrity comedian for hire but you do have to hire the best comedian given your needs. For instance, you may want a comedian for corporate entertainment which will be different from what plays out at the likes of Hard Rock Café. You may be game for a roast but the time and place have to be suitable. There is no one way of approaching comedy. Every way is the right way for someone. Black Card Entertainment can hire a celebrity comedian of your choice for your corporate event, product launch, private party, birthday or anniversary, just a routine business retreat or for private entertainment at your home, office, vacation resort or yacht.

You can hire a celebrity comedian as the star attraction. You can go for a celebrity comedian for hire to spice things up at a party but not as the showstopper. You can have a local comedian for corporate entertainment or the best comedian in the country to create a laugh riot. The funny thing about comedy is that it often holds up a mirror to our face. In all fairness, the best comedy is one that makes us think while tickling our funny bones. You may have a message to convey which can be achieved by contextualising the skit or you may give a free hand to the comedian.

Whatever is your need and objective, venue and occasion, Black Card Entertainment can hire a celebrity comedian you choose.




There is no rule that dictates the terms governing what you may or may not choose for your corporate and private events. You can opt for tried and tested avenues, settle for safe choices and take the treaded route. You may choose to discard all the conventional choices and go with something that will truly make for one of the most unique experiences for millionaires and billionaires.

Black Card can hire specialty entertainment for your unique corporate entertainment. For that is the only way to ensure bespoke party entertainment. Hiring a celebrity for my event is easy. Hiring one that would offer an unprecedented, an unparalleled and completely personalised or bespoke party entertainment is difficult.

Black Card can bring in talent show winners, who have mesmerised the judges on the show, the audience at the venues and the television viewers nationwide. We hire out novelty acts from the likes of Britain’s Got Talent, light and shadow shows, hypnotists  or ventriloquists. These are talented performers who don’t have the same recipe for every dish. They don’t just tweak their own acts but also redefine and reinvent their fortes to offer you one of the most amazing experiences ever, every time you hire them.

Let Black Card hire specialty entertainment for your unique corporate entertainment or bespoke party entertainment. We would understand your needs and accordingly make recommendations. You can go with sports personalities, comedians, actors and actresses, reality television stars, musicians and dancers, pop stars or business leaders who are hailed by all and sundry. You could also go for some strange and unique acts. From toying with lights and shadows to weaving magic with sound, from hypnotising a live crowd to different kinds of daredevil stunts, you can choose to make your event truly unique with specialty entertainment.


Arranging your celebrity experience couldn’t be simpler. If you want to hire a celebrity just get in touch and a member of our Black Card team will handle everything for you. Unparalleled customer service is just one more reason why we are the perfect choice for booking the experience of a lifetime.


Experience Days

Black Card Entertainment specialises in creating unique and amazing experiences with some of the world’s most popular celebrities. Our bespoke experiences for millionaires and billionaires are in huge demand across the globe. Unparalleled customer service is just one more reason why we are the perfect choice for booking the experience of a lifetime.

Corporate Entertainment

Drawing on a significant global network of some of the most-loved celebrities, we offer something truly unique and unforgettable for our corporate clients to provide to their guests. We’re delighted to be able to offer a wide range of different corporate experience days, so whatever type of event you have planned, we have the perfect corporate entertainment for you.

Hire a Celebrity

Whether you to want to team up with a celebrity to launch your next product, or if you would like to hire a celebrity for a one-of-a-kind event, Black Card Entertainment can help. We offer a whole host of experiences, from hiring a celebrity chef to add a touch of class to your meal, celebrity Q&A sessions, celebrities meet and greets – the choice is yours.