Black Card Entertainment is the world’s leading entertainment agency specialising in bespoke experiences and luxury gifts for ultra-high net-worth individuals. Members can enjoy personal one-to-one celebrity experiences, incredible space exploration experiences and the world’s most expensive and luxurious gifts.

Members can enjoy bespoke experiences such as a private chef experience by their favourite celebrity chef, a track day with a Formula One driver, a private concert by a number one selling artist, a tennis lesson from a Wimbledon champion, personal training with Olympic gold medalists, acting lessons with Hollywood greats and unique and exclusive tours of zoos, theme parks, aquariums and more.

Alongside their wide array of the world’s best and most personal celebrity experiences, Black Card sells a wide array of the world’s most luxurious gifts for him and her, ranging from the most expensive chocolate in the world through to premiership football clubs and Formula One teams.

Whatever you choose to do, Black Card Entertainment will always leave you and your guests amazed. This truly is the playground for the world’s wealthiest.

Membership is by invitation only and is reserved for the world’s wealthiest. If you have a Black Card please head to the Members Area to log in.

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