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Hire a Celebrity Speaker

Celebrity Speakers for Corporate Events Hiring a celebrity guest speaker for your corporate event gives your company the opportunity to stand out from the competition. Here at Black Card Entertainment, we pride ourselves on providing the top celebrity speakers that Hollywood has to offer. Whatever

Corporate promotional gifts

Corporate promotional gifts Corporate gifts are an essential facet of any business's success. They accentuate a company's vision, standards and overall status. Unlike traditional advertising methods, corporate promotional gifts can set your company apart from the competition, providing a unique

Experience Days for Corporates

Experience Days for Corporates An experience day is the ideal way to entice clients, reward employees, and provide a winning mentality in the workplace.

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Corporate Event Entertainment

Corporate Event Entertainment Black Card Entertainment's unparalleled expertise in the field of corporate entertainment gives your company the opportunity to stand out from the competition.

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The impact of celebrity endorsement

Celebrity endorsement can raise awareness for a product, elevate a company's status and attract a specific target audience.

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How much to hire a celebrity?

Hiring a celebrity is the sure-fire way to guarantee your event is truly unforgettable. So why doesn't everybody hire big names?

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Finding the best corporate experience day

Finding the best corporate experience day is the perfect way to engage with valued clients and support your employees.

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How to get a video message from a top celebrity

Get a personalised video message sent to you direct from your favourite celebrity. Black Card Entertainment can fix it.

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Play soccer with a football legend

Do you tune in every Saturday to watch your favourite football team? Do you dream of being able to play football with a legend?

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Reasons to invest in corporate hospitality

The benefits of corporate hospitality are wide-ranging but mainly used to impress potential clients and expand marketing opportunities.

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Celebrity speakers for corporate events

From Hollywood celebrities to popular politicians and leaders of industry, celebrity speakers can spice up your event.

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Ideas for corporate experience days

Experience days are a great way to instigate bonding, reduce stress, and show business colleagues you recognise their hard work.