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Hire an A-List Celebrity for your event

There is nothing as appealing and satisfying as having an A-list celebrity perform in your event. Contrary to what people think about the busy schedules of sought-after stars who have conquered a particular niche, you can have them at your event and even interact with them. Black Card Entertainment has a vast array of A-list celebrities for hire.

Have you ever nursed the idea of having a unique track day experience with a Formula One driver, a private concerts by chart-topping musicians, a tennis lesson from Wimbledon champions, a personal training session led by an Olympic gold medalist, acting lessons with Hollywood greats or private tuition from a top TV chef? Then a Black Card Entertainment membership is for you. Forget any of the other black cards – this is an entirely new realm of luxury concierge.

Who are we?

Black Card Entertainment is the world's leading entertainment agency which specialises in wonderful celebrity experiences and luxury gifts for ultra-high-net-worth individuals. Our members can enjoy a personal, one-to-one celebrity experience, incredible space exploration experiences and the world's most expensive and luxurious gifts with a single membership.

At Black Card Entertainment, not only do with have an extensive network of A-list celebrities for hire, we sell a wide array of the world's most luxurious gift items and give you a chance to meet your most admired professional in any field of your choice.

Who is this for?

The facility to book an A-list celebrity for your next event is strictly for the following individuals:

  • Those who hold the exclusive metal Black Card.
  • Ultra high net-worth-individuals.


By using our A-list celebrity booking services, you enjoy the following benefits;

  • Custom made connections Our services are custom-made to serve as a playground for the world's wealthiest who are looking for a place to unwind after a tiring day at the office. It is an opportunity to connect with top industry giants and other celebrities.
  • A perfect way to learn from the world's greatest. At Black Card Entertainment, we go the extra mile to bring on-board a distinguished professional who has reached the peak in your field of interest. We hand pick these professionals and have them teach you what they know or perform before you. Tiy get the opportunity to see these celebrities in action and also have them show you how to become effective at what you do.
  • The best place for luxurious gift items If you are looking out to place your hands on luxurious gift items for that individual you love so much, then Black Card Entertainment services are your surest bet. All our gift items take into cognisance your social class and also the motive behind the giving.
  • Hire A-list celebrities for your events We make it possible for you not just to witness these A-list celebrities in action but to also hire them for your shows and events. All participation to Black Card Entertainment events is strictly by invitation. Kindly contact us on how you can get your Black Card. We will be glad to hear from you.