How much does it cost to hire a celebrity?

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Cost of hiring a Celebrity

Hiring a celebrity for your event is no easy feat, but it's by no means impossible. A quick internet search will show countless pictures of Hollywood icons hanging out in private settings with Black Card members. Whether it's Mary Berry judging a birthday bake-off or a singing lesson from Adele, the celebrity hire industry is undoubtedly booming. And why wouldn't it be?

Why Hire a Celebrity?

Hiring a celebrity for your function is the sure-fire way to guarantee your event is truly unforgettable. So why doesn't everybody hire celebrities for their event? Undoubtedly, the main reason is the price.

Celebrity hire is definitely geared towards the ultra-high-net-worth community and large corporations looking for the best corporate entertainment options to impress their top clients. This however is not strictly the case in all scenarios. There is a huge variety of celebrities available for hire, all of whom have a price relative to their fame. For example, for those of you wishing to hire the likes of Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Tiger Woods etc you will without doubt be looking at a seven figure number but at the other extreme, a meal cooked by your favourite TV chef, or a tennis lesson from a tennis legend are much more attainable.

Cost of hiring a celebrity chef

Hiring a celebrity chef can be slightly easier on the wallet, with prices from around £20,000 for a private dinner party cooked by a famous chef. Naturally the more famous the celebrity, the more budget you will need to have available.

Why use a booking agency like Black Card Entertainment

When hiring a celebrity, it's essential to use a booking agency. Though it's by no means impossible to hire a celebrity independently, you run the risk of being overcharged and undersold. Furthermore, many of the top Hollywood icons will dismiss your enquiry altogether if you don't book through a well-known booking agency. Black Card Entertainment has immense buying power and preferential rates with Celebrities across the world, so you get the best deals possible. The last thing you want when you are parting with these sums of money is a bad job, or worse, no job at all. We ensure you receive a fair quote for your event and get the biggest bang for your buck. With an unprecedented selection of celebrities available for hire, we guarantee we have the perfect star for your event. We will fully customise your event to every wish and take care of all the logistics so you can relax and enjoy your function.

Celebrity price guide

Though every celebrity has their own specific price based on the function, there is a general rule of thumb to help you decide which celebrity to hire. The top celebrity musicians are the most expensive. They can cost anywhere up to ten million dollars. There are many articles online about costings of past private bookings for likes of Beyonce, Coldplay, Elton John, Miley Cyrus and Shakira running into multi-millions. Furthermore, it's impossible to book these celebrities independently. A rough guide on how much it costs to hire your favourite celebrity is as follows:

<25k — TV personalities, Reality TV stars, Sports legends, Aspiring singers, Instrumental groups,

25k+ — Celebrity Chefs

75k — 250k — Legendary actors / actresses, Golf days, Top TV personalities, Aspiring Hollywood actors/actresses

250k — Pop bands, Rock bands, Classical stars, some Hollywood actors,

500k — Many A-list Celebrities, Musicians/Bands and Sports Stars

1,000,000 + — The most famous A-list Celebrities in every field.

Celebrity prices in more detail

Hollywood actors, successful chart artists and high-profile personalities cost slightly less. For example, Bob Dylan, Ben Stiller, Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren are hundreds of thousands. Speakers like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tony Blair cost a similar price, 200 thousand dollars and a private jet also must be provided. The 100-150 thousand dollar bracket includes high profile celebrity chefs, politicians and successful actors. This bracket includes the likes of Al Gore, Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver. Your X Factor hopefuls, Love Island winners comedians, celebrity impersonators and one hit wonders cost considerably less. This price bracket is incredibly popular for companies who want a keynote speaker for their event. The likes of Hugh Dennis (£7,500), Brian Blessed (£6,500) and Christopher Biggins (£5,000) are such examples.

Get in touch

There are numerous factors which determine the price of booking a celebrity. Therefore, it's essential to get in contact with Black Card Entertainments Customer Service Team to glean an accurate price. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have and run through the wide variety of options we provide. Whatever the occasion, whatever the budget, make your event unforgettable by hiring a celebrity today.