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As one of the world's leading celebrity agents, we create completely bespoke celebrity experiences tailored to your exact requirements.

fully bespoke experience

If you would rather enjoy a bespoke experience such as track days with top Formula One drivers, private concerts by chart-topping musicians, tennis lessons from Wimbledon champions, personal training sessions lead by Olympic gold medalists, acting lessons with Hollywood greats and private chef experiences by top celebrity chefs then you will need to become a Black Card member.

I want to reward my loyal customers and UHNW clients

If you are looking to wow your clients with one of the most exclusive cards on the market then speak to the Black Card team today. We can tailor our corporate partnerships to your exact requirements so you can offer a really exclusive gift to say thank you to your clients and customers.

Enjoy fully bespoke Celebrity Experiences

Black Card Entertainment's extensive selection of extraordinary corporate experience days, celebrities available for corporate events, and luxury gift packages will help your company stands out from the competition.

We specialise in providing a vast array of fully customizable, unique experiences for corporate events. Be sure to enhance your company's status or be the envy of all your friends and become a member of Black Card Entertainment.

As every experience is unique it is best to phone us to discuss your requirements but to give you an idea, feel free to browse the array of private and corporate experiences on offer to our members and feel free to get in touch if you need any more details.

Our expert team of professionals will happy to answer any questions you may have or provide any further information about any private or corporate experiences that may interest you.

I want a truly bespoke celebrity experience

For a truly bespoke experience, created just for you, then we recommend activating a Black Card membership. This membership allows you full access to our creative teams to organise every aspect of your event. From experiences such as track days with F1 drivers, singing lessons with pop stars, dinner with Hollywood A-listers to cooking masterclasses with world-famous chefs. We pride ourselves on providing an unrivalled selection of unique experiences for our members and fully customisable perfection every time.

About Black Card Membership

Black Card Entertainment is the world's leading entertainment agency specialising in bespoke celebrity experiences and luxury gifts for ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

Alongside their wide array of the world's best and most personal celebrity experiences, Black Card sells a wide array of the world's most luxurious gifts for him and her.

Members can enjoy personal, one-to-one A-list celebrity experiences, incredible space exploration experiences and the world's most expensive and luxurious gifts.

Whatever you choose to do, Black Card Entertainment will always leave you and your guests amazed. This truly is the playground for the world's wealthiest.

Questions about Membership

If you have any questions regarding membership, the experiences we offer then please get in touch with our Customer Services Team today.

What's the difference between an Appearance and an Experience?

We don't just offer a booking like other celebrity agents, after all, what use is a celebrity just showing up at a set time with nothing to do or no set plan? Our global teams look after everything required for the celebrity experience to be a huge success. From security to travel to guest invitations.

Round the clock Customer Service

Expert professionals are happy to answer any questions and provide further information on any celebrity experiences that may interest you. Black Card members get one-to-one support, a 24/7 customer service contact line and the expertise of the qualified staff.

We aim to answer your queries promptly and effectively to ensure you have unrivalled customer support.