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Black Card Entertainment specialises in unique, one-to-one, experiences and encounters with A-list celebrities. Our bespoke celebrity experience days are in huge demand across the globe. With each member benefiting from unrivalled customer service, Black Card is the go-to place to book celebrity experience days, organise corporate entertainment and buy luxury gifts. We pride ourselves on creating once-in-a-lifetime celebrity experience days that are unforgettable.


Are celebrity experience days for members only?

Yes, only Black Card members can book a celebrity experience day.

How do I book a celebrity experience day?

Black Card Entertainment connects members to a vast network of celebrities from all walks of life. Members can book a track day with a Formula One driver, a private concert by a pop legend, a tennis match with a Wimbledon champion, or training day with Olympic gold medallist.

Can I book a celebrity experience day for a corporate event?

Yes, corporate members have access to a dedicated corporate entertainment team. Please speak to the BCE team about a corporate card

Is membership worldwide?

Yes, once your membership application is approved, your card and membership pack will be shipped to you anywhere in the world.

How do I become a member and how much does it cost?

Lifetime membership costs £50,000. To talk more about membership options phone us on — +44 (0) 1625 724723 or email members@blackcardentertainment.co.uk

I have a Mastercard invitation; how do I activate my card?

Click here and enter your Mastercard code at the checkout.

Celebrity experience days are tailored to each individual; here are some tasters of what to expect from Black Card membership:

Meet a Hollywood celebrity

  • Lunch or dinner with an A-list actor
  • Enjoy a masterclass with a top movie director
  • Acting coaching from Oscar winners

Play with a champion

  • Kick-about with a Premier League footballer
  • Round of golf with a Masters' winner
  • Track day with an F1 driver

Make music with the stars

  • Sing along a number one pop star
  • Play with a celebrity band
  • Hire a famous symphony orchestra

Taste success at the table

  • Enjoy a personal Michelin-star meal
  • Learn to cook with a TV chef
  • Dinner date with a celebrity chef
How to get a personal Black Card

Our cardholders have access to Black Card Entertainment's full offering. As one of the most exclusive cards in the world, holders enjoy A-list celebrity experiences and amazing encounters with the world's most famous celebrities.