Celebrity Dining Experiences

Dine with a famous celebrity

Ever fancied having dinner with your favourite celebrity? Being able to ask them questions about their careers? Imagine sitting next to a Hollywood legend, premiership footballer, pop star or Olympic athlete and having a bespoke, personal interaction with them.

Black Card Entertainment is now offering a fully customizable dining experience where you can choose the restaurant and the celebrity you wish to dine with and we make it happen. To get things cooking just contact us with your requirements.

Our exclusive dining options are recommended for up to 20 guests, ideal for corporate entertainment that will greatly impress your valued clients or investors, or as a special birthday gift for that special loved one who will be overjoyed to find themselves sitting next to their celebrity idol.

Your questions answered on dining out with a celebrity

How many people can attend the meal?

We recommend inviting 16-20 guests so that you can interact with your chosen celebrity on a more personal level.

Where is the meal held?

Our celebrity dining experiences are available globally. You can choose the location and we will use our network to secure the celebrity, restaurant and the chef.

Can we have dinner cooked by a celebrity chef?

You can link a celebrity chef to the booking with ease, please just speak to the Black Card team to discuss your exact requirements and they will make it happen.

Which celebrities will dine with us?

We have a vast array of celebrities for hire including Hollywood A-listers, premiership footballers, F1 drivers and Olympic athletes

What is the cost of dinner with a celebrity?

Prices vary significantly depending on the location, availability of both the restaurant and, if applicable, the celebrity chef.