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Football is one of the most celebrated and viewed sports in the world and as such hiring a football legend for your event will thrill your guests and make a lasting impression.

Whether you plan to host an event yourself, wish for us to organise the appearance of a top footballer for a celebrity appearance then get in touch with the Black Card team today.

Our celebrity sports contacts can get unprecedented access to many of the world legends of football from England and overseas.

We offer a full and comprehensive list of all the celebrity football premiership players from top teams such as Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United and many more, including foreign clubs.

BlackCard can also organise appearances of famous international players for hire as football guest speakers, motivational speakers or simply to mingle with your guests.

Football guest speakers for hire

Famous footballers and football managers are well known both internationally and locally and often have vast fan bases.

Whether hiring a top international striker, a world famous defender, or a member of the coaching team you can be sure that guest appearance of a celebrity footballer will catch the attention of guests and audiences.

We can arrange guest appearances of famous international soccer players and respected football dinner speakers who will take your event or celebration to new levels.

Listen to football legends as they talk about their careers, recount hilarious anecdotes and take centre stage with question and answer sessions from the audience.

With a vast selection of famous football players from a range of clubs from around the world, we are always able to provide the most suitable football star player, football coach or soccer TV pundit to join your event.

Play with a football legend

Although most members use our services to book legends of football as after-dinner speakers or motivational speakers we can also arrange more unusual celebrity appearances.

Fancy a kick-around with one of the top league players? Or the inclusion of a celebrity soccer star on your charity football team?

Black Card Entertainment can arrange for the appearance of football managers, coaches and player, including English Premiership celebrities for a variety of occasions.

Many of the most famous soccer players are all too ready to display their skill on the ball or talk about their professional life both on and off the field.

Football celebrities are for hire for a wide variety of occasions including a corporate team kick-about, one-to-one personal training, team and club tactical talks or as motivational speakers.

How much to hire a footballer?

The cost of hiring a top soccer player usually depends on the celebrity status of the football player.

In most cases, this involves recognition, awards, the salary of the player and other factors.

Football players of international stature will usually charge more for a celebrity appearance than national or local celebrities.

It also depends on what the celebrity appearance is for. Hiring a soccer star for an award presentation, keynote speech or as a motivational speaker usually comes with a standard fee.

If you plan to play a game with a star footballer, to take part in one-to-one training sessions then other charges may come into play.

The cost of hiring a football star will need to cover everything from transport and accommodation and contracts will usually include penalty clauses for late cancellation.

Why hire a footballing legend?

The appearance of a football legend at your event, whether a Premiership player or an international soccer star, will go a long way to promote and enhance your event or business brand.

Hiring a celebrity for an event will give you very big returns on your investment whether it is for a football guest speaker or for a celebrity appearance on that special occasion.

Black Card Entertainment gives you access to football legends from Britain and across the world in any division or any position.

Once you've found the perfect football star for your event we organise a celebrity appearance as quickly as possible.

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