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Celebrity band hire can add a touch of class to any occasion and can take your event to the very top level.

Black Card Entertainment can help you book any famous band for an event, whether it be a private bash, corporate party, private wedding or a music festival.

We have unlimited access to famous bands for hire, star performers with the real 'wow' factor that can turn your party into an unforgettable occasion.

Famous bands to hire include the top performers in the business. You can hire a famous band for anything from performing an intimate private gig for family and friends to setting the stadium alight for the big crowd at a corporate entertainment evening.

Our teams can get access to famous bands for hire with each group offering a unique style and genre of music. You can choose a celebrity band to hire for short sets throughout the night, perform a full concert set or for a private jam session of your very own.

Celebrity band hire gets top publicity

A famous band can help publicise and sell your event both before and after the occasion.

Famous bands have a huge fan base and just knowing that they will appear can create a fabulous publicity buzz for your event.

Black Card Entertainment has a great selection of famous bands to hire who will add a real a touch of star quality to your occasion.

We can help hire the perfect celebrity band to suit your occasion and help make it extra special for you and your guests.

Booking a famous band

Famous bands come in all shapes and sizes. Black Card has insider skills when choosing to book a famous band of any genre.
These are world famous performers from heavy rock bands to successful chart toppers, from double platinum album sellers to jazz artists.

We can book a celebrity band from any niche of music that will be perfect for your event. You can talk to our team about more advanced hiring options, from full music performances to intimate meet and greets.

We can make special arrangements for celebrity band hire to ensure you have an evening to treasure and remember.

How much to hire famous bands

The cost of celebrity band hire can vary enormously and much depends on their celebrity and status.

Black Card Entertainment negotiates directly with agents, so fees are rarely decided in advance.

We can only provide a rough guide to what costs to hire a famous band but in broad terms expect to pay a million or more for the most famous bands.

Regular successful chart toppers can be hired for £20k to £1million with the price is determined by their popularity and size of the fan base while TV award show winners or famous band members may put in an appearance for up to £10k.

Please speak to the Black Card Entertainment team about the cost of celebrity band hire. Apart from the appearance fee, there may be other costs to consider such as stage set-up, lighting, event location and so on.

Whatever the occasion, and no matter what the cost to hire famous bands that are likely to turn any occasion into a sensation.

Hire a famous band for a party

There are huge benefits to celebrity band hire that go well beyond the event itself, and Black Card Entertainment are expert at providing professional celebrity band services for any occasion.

Our members often ask for celebrity band hire for corporate events, product launches, promotional shows or award ceremonies.

On a more intimate note, Black Card members may want to hire a famous band for a private party such as an engagement, wedding, birthday or special anniversary.

Whatever the event, we can hire stars from the music world who will bring a touch of star quality to any occasion, taking the stage to perform an array of hits or mingling with guests

If you have any questions about booking a famous band or celebrity band hire, please don't hesitate to contact our team today.

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Unfortunately, due to the sheer volume of Celebrities we deal with, it is not possible to list them on our website. With this in mind, please contact us directly and one of our agents will assist you in choosing the perfect Celebrity for your event.

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