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Cooking experiences with celebrity chefs

Celebrity chefs are among the most sought-after of personalities when it comes to hiring a chef to cook at a private dinner party, making a guest appearance at a corporate event or turning any meal into a special occasion.

Black Card Entertainment can book a celebrity chef for any occasion, from arranging a bake off experience with a famous baker to a celebrity cooking experience, to hiring a personal chef to cook for a dinner party at your home.

We don't just arrange private chef hire but also specialise in the hire of Michelin star chefs and famous TV chefs. Our vast roster of famous chefs can cook for a small gathering or your large-scale corporate catering needs.

Cooking experiences with celebrity chefs can range from a romantic meal for selected guests aboard a luxury yacht to booking celebrity chef experience days including impressive kitchen science for corporate events.

TV chefs can steal the show

Popular television shows such as Masterchef and The Great British Bake Off have shot any number of cooks to national and international fame.

TV chefs are leaving the kitchen to write books, open restaurants and make guest appearances at events all over the world.

Their innovative cuisine has come under the spotlight as never before with viewing figures for TV cookery shows topping the tens of millions.

Black Card members can get a special introduction into the world of glamour as celebrity chefs extend their range and capitalise on their TV fame.

A diverse range of TV chefs, Michelin star chefs and celebrity chefs allow us to find the perfect celebrity for your event, from cooking at a private dinner party to adding some culinary glamour to the opening night of a newly launched restaurant.

Celebrity chefs for corporate events

Black Card Entertainment has access to the most famous celebrity chefs in the business. Household-name chefs are available to book for all kinds of corporate and business vents, from giving cookery demonstrations to judging cookery competitions.

Whether it's a fine dining experience for your staff, a promotional business event, corporate team-building or a business award ceremony we can provide a celebrity chef to cook up some glamour for the occasion.

Here are just a few events where celebrity chef hire can

  • Cookery demonstration
  • Guest of honour speeches
  • Competition judges
  • Opening exhibitions
  • Launching new restaurants
  • Cookery experience days

Individual and corporate members of Black Card can rent the celebrity chef of their choice. Top executives, jet-setting investors and board members of major corporations, entrepreneurs and prosperous businessmen are always wining and dining at some of the finest places on earth.

With a famous chef invited to a corporate event, he or she can be cooking exclusively for you and your guests.

Michelin stars at the table


From masters of Japanese sushi to star chefs of Mediterranean cuisine, Black Card holders can get access to Michelin star chefs from across the world.

Maybe you want to hire a top rank chef for a special birthday surprise or to simply impress your dinner party guests with some fabulous cooking.

Our team is happy to discuss all private chef hire options, from choosing the most impressive chef to hiring a for a venue of your choosing, including restaurant hire or yacht charter.

Our member can have a Michelin star chef cook in their private home, named restaurant, famous building or any venue of choice.

With unparalleled expertise in planning celebrity experiences for the UHNW community, we can assure you an unprecedented luxury experience with a Michelin star chef of global repute.

How much to hire a celebrity chef?


The rise of TV celebrity chefs, cooking and good food produce, from artisan bread to fresh organic ingredients, has triggered an unprecedented interest in cooking and eating.

If you are planning any type of food experience, whether it's a formal company dinner, a small buffet, or a private dining experience, a celebrity chef can turn it into the most talked about event of the year.

Booking a celebrity always adds a buzz of publicity and extra excitement as well as providing a marketing boost for a company or product.

Hiring a celebrity chef comes at a price, of course, and chefs charge different fees for different occasions.

Much also depends on what you want them to do - a cookery demonstration will almost certainly cost more than just stepping in as a judge for your local company bake-off.

The cost of hiring a top TV chef for the day can run into the tens of thousands but popular chefs, including those that boast the highest Michelin stars, can be hired for a more modest fee.

Rising personalities on programmes like 'Masterchef' or 'Come Dine With Me' that command much more affordable celebrity hire fees.

Specialists diet chefs such as vegetarian, vegan and ethnic can add spice to any event with their own brand of foodie expertise.

Whatever the cost, food and cooking are big business these days and a celebrity chef can be a major draw for any event. Hiring a celebrity chef lets you tap into a massively popular market with the power of celebrity adding to the spectacle.

How do I hire a celebrity chef

Eating and partying go hand in hand and Black Card is happy to help in booking all types of celebrity to attend an event. Please see Celebrities for Hire for more information.
Black Card holders can book a celebrity chef to cook at normal venues, estates, resorts, yachts and pretty much any place on earth that is accessible by land, air or sea. It could be one experience you and your guests would not forget.
For more details on celebrity chef hire please contact our customer services.

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