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Hire a Famous Pop Singer

The appearance of a famous pop singer during any form of event or celebration can really add a new dimension to any occasion.

Black Card Entertainment can help hire famous singers for any occasion, from corporate events to private parties.

Whether you entertain plans to hire a famous pop singer to perform at a special celebration such as a wedding or birthday party, want to enjoy one of a one-to-one celebrity experience or fancy a singing lesson or jam session with a famous rock band, then contact the Black Card team today.

Black Card Entertainment has excellent experience in hiring famous singers and rock bands to perform at live events.

We can hire the most sought-after upcoming pop artists for private and corporate entertainment and, with a comprehensive list of famous singers available to hire, we can assure our clients of a fantastic and memorable event.

Famous singers can be hired for a full performance, a short musical interlude, as a guest of honour or to mingle with your guests.

What type of singers are for hire

Celebrity singers can make your event go with a swing, and we have celebrity musicians that perform in a variety of genres delivering top-notch musical performance. Black Card members can hire famous opera singers to present excerpts from the classics or famous jazz singers or blues singers for a more intimate musical occasion.

As well as booking famous UK singers, we can hire singers and rock band from around the world to perform anywhere, from a concert hall to your home. Members can book a rock band for a party, a favourite pop singer for a wedding or a famous musician to perform in front of your friends and family.

How does hiring a famous singer add to my event?

A pop star will make the opening ceremony for your occasion a magnificent one, delivering a breathtaking performance for your event, whether a corporate event, an intimate gig with friends and relatives.

A pop star can perform during an opening ceremony, at the end of an event or make an appearance at any time. Celebrity singers can deliver the perfect songs to suit any occasion

The cost of hiring a pop star for a private party

The price for hiring a famous music artist can vary greatly depending on the location, type of event, the length of the show and the celebrity status of the singer.

The Black Card Entertainment team has a vast network of celebrities, managers and music agents to ensure you get the best possible price for hiring a famous pop singer

Keep in mind that the cost for hiring a famous singer to perform for you will need to cover the fee for the pop star's exclusive musical performance as well as the costs of production and any stage lighting and other miscellaneous overheads.

What are the benefits of hiring famous musicians?

Hiring a famous band or singer for an event comes with lots of benefits. The appearance of a celebrity singer will help both publicise your show or event and also attract more guests and visitors.

Black Card Entertainment will help with hiring a famous singer and connecting you with some of the top performers in the music and recording industry.

Whether you intend to hire a chart-topping pop singer or a young, upcoming singer or band, Black card entertainment can offer you access to the best in the music business.

Events you would hire a pop star for

- Corporate Events
- Festivals
- Private Party
- Product Launch
- Promotional Events
- Weddings
- Award Shows

Featured Celebrities
Ed Sheeran
Jess Glynne
Andrea Bocelli

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