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World famous tennis players


A Wimbledon champion is considered to be one of the most prominent figures in the tennis world. Not only in the game of tennis but in sports generally.

Therefore, hiring a Wimbledon champion will increase the status, enjoyment and popularity of your event be it a small intimate experience, perhaps just a one-to-one or a significant corporate event.

Players can be hired to talk about their life on the court, deliver motivational speeches, play a game or two, quietly mingle with your guests at a private party or take centre stage at corporate events such as AGMs or awards ceremonies.

The dedicated and experienced staff at Black Card Entertainment will help connect you with the best tennis players from all over the world to appear at speaking engagements, make personal appearances and even give one-to-one tennis lessons.

Which tennis players can I hire?

Whether you are looking to hire the likes of Novak Djovick, Andy Murray from the men's singles category or the Williams sisters, Black Card can help you retain your favourite tennis player and curate your bespoke celebrity experience. Having a celebrity as part of an event ensures it is both impressive and memorable.

One-to-one tennis lessons

Black Card Entertainment offers a selection of tennis lessons by the world's top tennis players.
You can play tennis at Wimbledon and pick up some valuable tricks and tips for the world's top.
Imagine the improvement in your tennis game and the fun you would have with the top tennis players in the world.

Hire a Wimbledon champion for a corporate event

From small intimate events through to speaking engagements in front thousands, hiring a tennis champion will always bolster the awareness of your occasion or brand as a company hosting a corporate event.

Have your guests meet stars for an autograph, a photograph and to be motivated by the best tennis stars in the world.

How much does it cost to hire a tennis star?

Black Card Entertainment will advise on the budget required for hiring a Wimbledon champion. Naturally given the status and prominence of a winner you will need a good-sized budget. In most cases, the cost depends on the salary, achievements and salary of the tennis star.

The payment for hiring a Wimbledon champion will cover the expenses of transportation, and as such, it is always imperative that first class transportation service is used.
Black card entertainment will help with everything from hiring a Wimbledon champion to ensuring that they are available during the event.

Hire a tennis pro for the following

-Tennis Lesson
-Personal Training Advice
-Award Giving ceremony
-Motivational event
-Exhibition event
-Business promotion
-AGM entertainment

Featured Tennis Stars
Roger Federer
Serena Williams
Andy Murray
Tim Henman

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