How to Hire a Celebrity

Hire celebrities — mingle with the stars

Black Card members regularly rub shoulders with A-list Hollywood celebrities, be it actors, singers, musicians or sports personalities. You too can enjoy access to celebrity stars from the world of movies, music, TV, sport and the arts.

Black Card Entertainment can obtain exclusive introductions to world famous celebrities. Membership also opens the door to a world of luxury gifts, fabulous experience days and meet and greets with A-List celebrities at preferential rates.

Whether it's hiring a celebrity for a prestigious event, launch a product, make a splash at a party or just for an intimate evening at home with friends.

Luxury sports experiences include one-to-one tennis lessons from Wimbledon champions, rounds of golf with Masters' winners, personal training sessions with Olympic gold medallists or racetrack days with elite F1 drivers.


Can I hire celebrities for an event?

Female celebrity with photographers

Black Card clients can book famous people to appear at an event with ease. Members have direct access to a personal celebrity agent who will be happy to help schedule a personal celebrity appearance for your private party or public event. This includes famous singers for hire, music bands, sports personalities or celebrity speakers.

Can I book a TV star for a company opening?

Many famous people can be hired to appear at companies events or promotional product launches. As a Black Card holder, you can ask your personal assistant to arrange an appearance by a TV or movie celebrity and make your company opening one of the most talked about events of the year.

How much does celebrity hire cost?

A-List celebrity hire doesn't come cheap, but then you wouldn't expect it. Top stars don't publish their rates and there is a considerable contrast in the cost of booking a famous personality for your event. The prices for the most famous will run into hundreds of thousands but, if they are available, Black Card members can be sure to get A-listers turning up at their party.

Do you have celebrity bands for hire?


Black Card Entertainment has a vast selection of chart-topping bands and pop stars for hire. All you do is contact your personal agent to discuss your requirements and book a world-famous group for your next event. Just log into the members' area and you will see your unique contact number. You can communicate with a dedicated assistant via phone, email or live chat

Do you arrange celebrity meet and greets?

We frequently organise bespoke experiences on a one-to-one level with many of the world's most famous stars. Why be one of the thousands at a celebrity meet and greet when you have a famous person all to yourself?

Can you organise personal appearances?

Arranging a celebrity personal appearance is one of our specialities. Black Card has a team of appearance planners who are delighted to help organise a personal celebrity appearance.

How do I hire a private celebrity chef?

Our members enjoy many individual chef experiences each year. It can be to launch a new restaurant, get a cookery lesson or simply to enjoy a meal. We have close links with some of the best-known chefs in the world, including celebrity TV chefs for hire.

If you want to know more just get in touch.